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About Millicent Hollingsworth

Millicent Angela Hollingsworth D.B.A. is a multitalented corporate business consultant and executive coach, based out of Memphis, Tennessee. After earning her M.B.A. in Finance from the Keller School of Graduate Management, and her D.B.A. (ABD) from Argosy University, Mrs. Hollingsworth began a decade long tenure in the global foods processing and management industry. Her management and supervisory roles for a number of the largest food companies in the market including ConAgra, coupled with her exemplary intrapersonal skillset, prepared her to transition to the consulting sector.

My Core Business Segments

What I do - leverage my expertise and intellectual property to expand organizations' capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing, and bringing to market new businesses and products through workforce development and leadership.

- Millicent Hollingsworth

Services Offered

40 Enterprises have developed STEM curriculum for Girl Scouts, and leadership training for the construction industry. LOSB and SBE certified. With a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Management, I have over 8 years experience training mid to senior level executives. Whether it's leadership development or team building we offer a solution.

My purpose is to express my ability to encourage intelligence and generosity by speaking life into others, being a lifelong learner and always giving from the heart. I provide value and service to the world with my gift to gab.

My Vision & Purpose

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